Dutch Treat

Popular in Amsterdam, Dutch Treat is predominantly an Indica hybrid. The strain produces a rush of cerebral effects that lift users’ spirits. Following the head high, a calm numbing sensation takes over the body, which can make users feel lazy or tired, but not necessarily glued to their couches. Side effects include dry mouth and eyes, occasional headaches, dizziness, and paranoia.

This strain is often recommended for afternoon use and to help patients deal with stress, anxiety, depression. It also helps with body aches and pains and is used to treat insomnia. Those dealing with nausea and lack of appetite also benefit from this strain.

Dutch Treat’s genetics are shrouded in mystery. Many people believe it to be about 80% Indica and originally bred by Jordan of the Islands breeders. This strain should be grown indoors. It flowers between six and eight weeks. When grown properly, these plants produce between a quarter and half a pound of bud with a THC count of up to 18%.